i want more control

I have had many lucid dreams, however I don’t have any control over when they happen. They usually happen 2 or 3 times a month, although there was one week when I had lucid dreams every night. In the beginning my lucid dreams were always in the presence of a man. He taught me how to fly in my dreams. Later he would meet me in my dreams and talk to me about things that happened to me during the day. Often times I would awake in the morning with a euphoric sense of well being and a tingling feeling in my body that lasted all day.

Even though I was aware of my dream state I felt that the man had control in my dreams more than I did. One time I encountered a different man. He was wearing all black and I didn’t like the way he looked. He looked like a demon. I asked him his name and he turned to me with a smirk and said, “that’d be Yog Sototh.” Immediately I was sitting up wide awake in my bed and my heart was pounding as if I had been running.

Lately my dreams have me flying to different places. I’m alone now because I sort of asked the man who taught me how to fly to leave. I wanted to have control over my own dreams. I still don’t though. I can’t go to sleep and will myself to have a lucid dream. Once however, I was awake, and suddenly felt a dream coming on so I got in my bed and had a lucid dream. I’d like to learn to control my dreaming. Also do you think these people I encounter are spirits or what?

--Signed Robin

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