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Hi Michael -

I want you to do an experiment. Next time you have this dream, try to remember, in the dream, that the entire scenario is just a dream and that therefore - the gorilla is just an illusion. The trick is to learn how to use this recurring dream to clue you in to the fact that you are dreaming - while you are still in the dream. Once you know that you are dreaming, you will be confident in the knowledge that you can’t really be hurt, and can begin to explore your dream consciously. Then, if you are able to do this - instead of running or flying away from the gorilla - I want you to seek him out and ask him who he is - ask him to identify himself.

The gorilla - the entire dream - is just an illusion. But the gorilla also represents something - which is what you have to figure out. The gorilla, when you ask it who it is, etc., either will answer you verbally or it will metamorphose into a person, a different creature, or it may seem that the dream just ended and that a new one began. Be sure to keep track of who and what the gorilla metamorphoses into - and be sure to write the dream down.

I believe that you will succeed in becoming lucid in this dream because you have had it so many times before. Already you “remember” in the dream that it is pointless to run away from the gorilla because you know he will just run after you. Now you need to remember that you’ve had this dream about ten times before, and that you want to ask this gorilla some questions.

I am as curious as you are - who this gorilla represents. If you are successful in asking this “disguised” representation - the gorilla - to identify his or her self in the dream - you will be at the forefront of lucid dreaming research. You will be using consciousness to explore the mysteries of the unconscious - while you still are in the dreamscape! I look forward to hearing back from you! Good luck!

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