getting in

I have had this dream, to date, 9 times. This is an explanation of all of them together. Each one was a little different here and there, naturally. They all start out the same. I’m having a party at my house. For some reason I am in the kitchen, when all of my friends are upstairs yelling and dancing and partying. I never know which friends they are, I just know that they are my friends. I remain calm. Then the noises start. I know exactly what it is. I don’t know how I know or why, but I do know. It’s a gorilla, and this gorilla is upstairs beating the daylights out of all of my friends. I can hear grunts and screams and thuds and crashes all at the same time.

Now this is where the dream is a little different every time. The first couple of times I had this dream, I started to panic when I heard all the commotion coming from my party upstairs. Hmm.. fight or flight. I decided to run. Conveniently, my abode was a secluded country house surrounded by thick deciduous forest. How funny it should be in the classic horror/massacre movie setting. It is Fall, and half the leaves are on the ground, making it impossible for me to run quietly. No matter when I leave my house, the gorilla leaves right after me. I can hear him running through the forest. I can hear him grunting and breathing right behind me, but I can’t see him because it’s too dark. This is where the first couple of my dreams ended. They changed after that.

The dream would start up as usual with me in the kitchen and my friends all upstairs yelling and dancing. Then when the noises start, and the screaming and thudding start. I try to remain calm but I can’t. Then one of my friends would come down a staircase, which led from the kitchen to the upstairs party room, and open the door into the kitchen. Each Dream from here on had a different one of my friends come down the steps. I remember them all, but it isn’t relevant who exactly. Well, this friend would come into the kitchen, and he would be beat up and bloody. He would kinda stumble around and then tell me “Mike, you know... there’s a gorilla upstairs.” I’d look at him and say with a very calm appearance, “Oh... Well tell him to leave.” I only appeared calm. My friend would turn around and head back up the stairs, making sure to shut the door behind him. A few minutes after he goes back upstairs, I try to find a hiding spot in the house. I know, rather remember, that if I try to run away, the gorilla will just follow me. I remember once I tried to hide in the closet, under the staircase. That gorilla found me every time though. I never actually got caught, but the gorilla definitely knew where I was.

Now the dream changes again. The last few times I have had this dream, I don’t run or hide. I just wait. I start in the kitchen, with the party upstairs. Enter gorilla, enter noises, thuds, and screams. My friend comes down and tells me, “Mike, you know... there’s a gorilla upstairs.” And every time I respond, “Oh... Well tell him to leave.” My friend would return to the massacre and I would be left in the kitchen alone. I sit at the kitchen table. I am drinking something out of a mug, maybe tea. Just waiting, listening, sipping my tea. I know I can’t get away from it, so I just sit there calmly waiting to die. I won’t just be killed, but rather mauled by the gorilla. I never actually meet my gorilla. This is where it ends...... so far.

--Michael, Age 19, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

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