two basic dreams

I'm really enjoying your book "Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams." I believe it's the best I've seen on the subject. You explore other related aspects of consciousness more deeply than most.

I have found there are 2 basic kinds of dreams (not counting daydreaming). The sleeping dream, which is what most think is the only kind of dream. And the living dream, which we call "Real Life". I have not finished your book yet, but feel that you allude to this. I have also found, through experience, that what we assume is our self is also just a part of the dream. Phenomenally, I can find no objective entity as a self. I can only find the IDEA of a self. As what-I-am I can only find the bare sense of be-ing or consciousness. I have also discovered that the the idea of volition is also mistaken. It apparently grows out of this self concept. Upon watching thoughts, decisions, etc. happen, they arrive spontaneously. Not from any "me". These discoveries, as you might imagine, have revolutionized my life. Everything becomes effortless and as it should be.

Using your idea of being aware of consciousness itself, as in the Peter Ouspenski example, actually helps to recognize these things. Which is why I am writing to you. I thought perhaps you might have reached some similar conclusions.

At any rate, thanks for the book. Lucid dreaming is not only a fun and wondrous experience it can teach us much.

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