parents die

I am 53 years old and both of my parents just died in September. They each had lung cancer in the same lung. They were 76 and 78 years old and they were very young for their age. They died eleven days apart.

It was a rough two years watching them die. After they died I have not felt them around me, but I do feel they are in Heaven. In the last week I have had two dreams about them. In the first we were all at a family gathering and they were there. I kept saying to everyone, including my sisters, “Don't you see them? There they are.” In this dream they talked to me, but it was in a controlling manner, judging the way I was and what I was doing. (Just the way they used to before they passed.)

The last dream I had was about my mother. She came out of her grave and said she was not really dead. We all said, “How could she have pushed the 3 feet of dirt off the casket? How could she have gotten out of the casket?” It was very disturbing and confusing because I love my mother dearly???

This is all I can say. Hopefully there is some way I can make sense out of these weird dreams. Most people seem to have dreams where their parents come to them and say they are fine.

—Jane, Age 53, Married, USA

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