celebration of intellect

Hi Jim -

(Or should I say Mr. Ginsburg?)

At first glance your dream appears to be a longing for intellectual courtship. You have an idyllic relationship with your wife - almost perfect - and the greatest pleasures you share together - at least in your dream - are intellectual. I agree with you wholeheartedly that the mind is the sexiest part of the human body. And certainly, in Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you have found a companion whose expertise and accomplishment in the field of your life-long chosen work - the interpretation of law - equals and compliments your own.

I am curious, however, if your dream does not also reflect a simpler celebration of intellect. The dream is epiphanic in nature - one euphoric crescendo follows another - yet the theme throughout is the joy of the mind. First you devour the twists and turns of various law cases like a hungry man eating a steak. Next you repeatedly admire the flow of your writing - you are delighted at how little editing needs to be done. Honor, also, is an essential component of your relationship with Mrs. Ginsburg: you both utterly respect your court’s confidentiality. In this context, perhaps Mrs. Ginsburg functions as a bit of a muse in your dream. She is an apt symbol of the epitome of feminine intellect and honor (Your Honor) - for a man of your profession. I would venture that your love and respect for the field of law runs very deep.

You were sighted until your early twenties - and inform us that occasionally you dream with visual images - but that you often - most of the time, I presume - dream without visual accompaniment. To the best of my knowledge, your experience - as you suggest - is like that of most people who have lost their sight. Their dreams reflect their current experience, though visual memories occasionally appear. Very few people are actually born blind, and their dreams, again, to the best of my knowledge - do not contain these visual memories.

Thank you very much for sharing your dream, and may your love of the human intellect continue to flourish.

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