head on my book

Hi Leo—

Are you worried about having your “head handed to you” at work? It appears your discussion with your boss did not make you feel over-confident!

Because your dream holds disturbing and ominous overtones, it suggests fears for a negative outcome in the future. Given that you and your family are in good health, we are directed to explore your work situation as the cause of this dream.

The head in your dream appears by itself—severed in some fashion—which represents injury and death. If you were nervous about your job (and if you also take the subway to work, one of the locations in your dream) fears for survival at the office may indeed be on your mind.

You have been concerned about your job security, to the extent that you recently sought reassurance from your boss. In this context, the allusion to death logically reflects feelings that you are worried about being “laid off” or “displaced” in your career. The gray hair on the head—that scratches your arm on the subway—similarly represents thoughts about aging. Are you concerned about “growing older” in the computer field, when so many young people are entering the work force below you?

Dear DreamDoctor—

That was it!! Due to our economy, a lot of people in my field are being laid off. I even spoke to my boss about it. Thank you very much!

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