cats and dogs!

Dreams of pregnant women often are bizarre. Expecting moms, especially if it is their first pregnancy, frequently dream of birthing all types of small, primitive life forms—like snakes, lizards, frogs, cats and hamsters. In your case, your dream shows that even dads, who are worried about their soon-to-be boy or girl, can have strange pregnancy dreams!

Kittens and puppies are familiar dream symbols for babies. (Cats are feminine symbols. Dogs are masculine.) If your wife really wanted a baby girl (a kitten) then your dream may be representing her mixed emotions as a “struggle” between two opposing symbols. Your wife’s recent ultrasound confirms that, like in your dream, the “puppy” (the boy) won the battle. Your dream shows that your wife’s disappointment still is weighing upon your mind!

As an expecting parent, you have every reason to be nervous about the success of your wife’s delivery. The “threat” that appears in your dream most likely reflects the medical problems you already have experienced. Similarly, instances of REM paralysis, where you can feel the “weight” of your body during REM sleep—tend to occur more frequently during periods of stress. Did you feel like you were struggling to wake up and get out of bed—but could not? If so, this makes these dreams of paralysis, and of intruders, feel much more intense.

Sleep paralysis is a normal part of REM sleep, and is not harmful in any way, but it can be very disturbing. To learn more about sleep paralysis, please visit Sleep Paralysis! Reading about it should make you feel more comfortable. (There’s not really an intruder!)

In the meantime, congratulations on your healthy baby puppy (er… boy!) Next time around, we hope your wife dreams of kittens, turtles and moons—and many other feminine symbols—in her quest for a baby girl!

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