i will die in august

Hi Athena—

Dreams of death always are disturbing. When we dream of our own death, the meaning is even more perplexing. Upon awakening, our minds immediately want to know: Was the dream precognitive? Is our life in danger?

Fortunately, death in dreams is a metaphor for change and separation. If we dream of our own death, the message is especially clear. We are anticipating a significant change in our lives, where an old part of our life will “pass away,” and a new phase will take its place.

Your dream shows that you expect a big change to occur in your life at the end of this summer—significantly in the month of August. Are you able to you identify the big event? Are you beginning a new job, or starting a new school in September? Did you recently fill out an application for work or school, and are you waiting to hear a response?

The good news is that this dream is not precognitive, and it doesn't mean that you will be dying anytime soon! On the contrary, your “death” in the real world, most likely, will be a happy one. This dream lets us know that you are about to embark on an exciting new adventure in your life. Please write back, and give us the missing 411!

Dear Dream Doctor—

Thank you very much for answering my question. I am planning on going back to school full time for the fall of this year. I am currently applying to schools, and I am very much in transition. Your interpretation makes perfect sense. Thanks again. You put my mind at ease!

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