visiting a friend

About 8 months ago, I found out that a high school friend of mine had gotten pregnant and had a child. Ever since then, I have dreams every so often that I go and see her or that I run into her somewhere. The one dream in particular that I had that really bothered me was one in which I went to her house to visit her for the first time and it turned out that I was her boyfriend (not the father of the child, but the boyfriend). The problem is that in every dream, this one in particular, I felt that she had been waiting for me to go see her.

I have not seen her since she had her child and I think that maybe I am scared to see her. Could this be the reason for these dreams? Also, I have been in a relationship for almost two years and am perfectly happy. Why am I having these dreams and why do I fell so nervous after I have them? In the dreams, there is never any sexual activity but I always feel as though I am cheating on my girlfriend. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. After reading some other dreams at your website I have some questions.

1. Could this girl be really trying to contact me?

2. Should I try to go see her?

--Andrew, Age 21, Marietta, GA, USA

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