about to die

Hi Vivian—

The metaphor of death appears in your dream as a symbol of change and transition. An earlier period of growth and development in your life is “passing away”—in preparation for a new beginning.

Given the background you provide, we know that you recently have made several large changes in your life. Your decision to begin a same-sex relationship is represented in your current dream as “contact with the other side”—you have chosen to switch to an alternative lifestyle. Not only did you succeed in creating a relationship with a new partner, you also received your mother’s blessing. You have done more than simply start a new relationship; you have begun a “brand new you.”

The artwork in your dream represents your creativity. In the dream you are pleased with your art, but when you go to turn it in to your boss, suddenly you are unprepared. This portion of your dream indicates that internally you are pleased with your personal growth and development. Being unprepared for your boss, however, suggests that you still hold concerns about approval of your actions from “external authorities.” In the context of the decisions you recently have made, do you sometimes feel that you are struggling to receive approval from members of your social milieu?

We always are spooked by dreams of death, because we fear they are precognitive. The message of your dream, however—like nearly all death dreams—is the opposite of its apparent meaning. Instead of foreshadowing the end of your life, this dream shows that a new chapter has only just begun. Congratulations on having the courage to follow your dreams.

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