a symbolic death

Hi Liz -

I believe your difficulty deciphering this dream - as you suggest - is related to your fear of discovering its meaning. Fortunately, however, this dream appears only to be encouraging you to grow—to take those next tentative steps toward full adulthood.

I am sorry to learn of your brother’s early passing. His death no doubt instructed you, at a young age, of life’s genuine insecurity.

The clue to the meaning of your dream is contained in your mother’s comments. She is leaving you because you are “finally ready to handle things without her.” Death in dreams almost always is a metaphor for change. Her “leaving,” accordingly, is only symbolic. She is not dying, but your relationship with her is in transition.

We don’t know from your dream report what recent event triggered this dream - whether you are living away from home for the first time, starting a new relationship that is becoming significant, or merely progressing in your career to a new level of independence. The message of your dream, though, is that you already understand that your relationship with your mother is changing. Most likely, you are beginning to see your mother less as a parent, and more as an equal.

You clearly are a sensitive and intelligent woman. You have no reason to fear - and every reason to embrace - the blossoming of your individuality. If you ever get nervous about taking the next step, remember that—when we “grow up”—we don’t “lose” anything. We just grow, and we will continue to grow for a long, long time.

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