visited by my grandmother

Hi Anonymous -

Thank you for sharing your moving dream.

We will always wonder if, during these dream encounters with loved ones who are dying or deceased, we actually make contact with their lingering spirit, or if we merely are working out, in our own minds, the emotions we feel which surround their passing.

So many of us don’t get the chance to say goodbye. Failure to achieve closure with family members or loved ones can haunt us for many years. We feel incomplete. There are words we wish we could have spoken, confusions we wish we could have clarified, and emotions we wish we could have expressed.

Dreams often afford us our last chance to resolve our feelings with those who have passed on. Most dreams of the deceased are of reassurance; the dead “come back” to tell us that they are OK, occasionally to explain particulars of their death, and sometimes even to give specific messages and instructions. Dreamers almost always are comforted by the contact.

None of us understands death completely. But occasionally, in dreams, we glimpse that the transition may not be so final after all.

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