old flame

I’m 18 years old, single. I am in a classroom of some sort. I believe it is a college classroom, but it is being taught by my junior year high school teacher. She was probably the best teacher I ever had, but I never really liked her.

We are doing some kind of classwork. I never actually do the work or know what it is about, but I do remember having the option to do the work by hand or to use some kind of memory chip on my mind, like something talked about when products of the future are discussed.

I spend my time watching people leave class in groups to have some kind of blood test. Eventually, it is my turn to go to the blood test. I leave and I am joined by a blonde-haired girl that is my age. Her blonde hair was styled in a sort of circle around her face, I guess. It is a style I have never seen to my knowledge. This seems to be a focus of mine; I remember it more than any other part of the dream. She is slightly taller than I am. I want to equate her to a girl I knew back in high school, but have not seen since my junior year. I worked with her, never dated her, but to this day, about 2 years later, I still think about her everyday. She has basically the same characteristics in size and shape, but not in looks.

Well, this girl is forward, she takes my arm and we are walking so that our arms are locked together. My right hand is on my hip and her arm is circled around it - like you might see when someone is being escorted at a ball or something.

We are walking down a hallway like this and she is talking. She offers me a cigarette, but I say that I don’t smoke. She seems glad, says something to the effect of, she wouldn’t, but she’s addicted - though that doesn’t seem to bother her. She’s talking, I don’t know about what, but I eventually get in a word. I ask her what her name is. She say “Don” which I assume is short for Donna.

We are apparently supposed to go up an escalater, but she just leaves and says good-bye and goes down an aisle that has metal cases on both sides - like the ones that you see in a jewelry shop or perfume section of department stores. Sitting on one of the cases is a dress that captures my attention. It is like a wedding dress, but not a “traditional” one, I guess. It is white and glimmering with either diamonds or whatever makes dresses shimmer in the light. I don’t really know much about dresses.

My alarm clock goes off and I wake up. I guess I hope this dream tells me to find this girl that I’ve been infatuated with for a couple years, but the more I think about it, I don’t think that is it. I don’t know why, it is just a feeling I have.

I feel I need to have this interpreted because I rarely remember dreaming at all, in fact, I can only remember one other dream, and vaguely at that. Yet, I remember this dream’s details very vividly. I feel it is important in some way.

- Ryan, Age 18, Toledo, OH, USA

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