watch my death

I awoke feeling quite relieved. In the dream, I visit a dying woman, a woman who looks like me and I recognize her as myself in the dream. I go to help her because I see her head is tilted, chin to chest, and this is not a good position, especially to die in. I speak to her telepathically as she dies and say I love her and will miss her and I wish her peace, etc. I lift her head up for her as she goes.

My common-law man is in the dream and he watches me. He does nothing as the woman dies. In the dream I have powers to read the thoughts of others. I realize his mind is quite empty and he does not really care much nor does he have much connection. He just goes through the motion of living and acts his role. I realize he is not alive. I am alive.

I wonder what this dream means for me and whether I should lower my expectations of him? My relationship with this man has been frustrating and unhappy. I have felt that it is shallow, lacks authenticity and is very far from what I want or desire in my life. I ask myself regularly why I still persist with it. Thank you for reading, and I hope you can respond.

—Fiona, age 40, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


When you die in a dream, it symbolizes...

A. A significant change in your life
B. That you are going to die soon
C. That you have suicidal tendencies

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