ex-lover with a beard

I had a dream about an old girlfriend who, admittedly I am still in love with. She lives in another state, and we are still on relatively good terms. It goes like this:

I go to visit her at her home in Indiana. As I enter her home it looks basicly the same on the inside, but it seems to now be sitting like a penthouse on top of a large building. I find that she is not home, so I go to her room and take a nap. She comes home, and I awake. I hear her voice, but she is in another room. We seem to converse, then she suggsts that we go out. At this point I see her. She has a full, scraggly beard and mustache. I pretend to not notice, and as she changes clothes, I retire to the back yard (which is now a rooftop garden) to try to figure out how to tell her that she should shave before we go out, without embarrassing her. She finishes dressing, comes over to me and says “are you ready to go?” I respond with “don’t you think you should shave that off first?” She replies “no, why, don’t you like it?” This is all that I remember. I have had no similar dreams, in fact I rarely dream about her at all. When I do dream about her, it is usually only in a passing sense. She never seems to be the subject of the dream, but rather a minor sidebar to them. If you can help me decipher this dream, it would be greatly appreciated.

----Marshall, Age 37, Germantown, MD, USA

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