death in the family

Background: I have been engaged for a year and seeing Justin for 3-1/2 years. He has been out of town for weeks, working. This has been the most time we've spent away from each other in the duration of our relationship. Justin's cousin, same age (21) just died unexpectedly of a defect that he had since birth. The dreams occurred exactly a week after the funeral.

My Dream: I was with Justin and his family. His mom discloses to me out of nowhere that he only has a short period of time to live. I go to talk to him and he does not tell me so I start crying. Every time I see him, I start crying.

When I awoke up from this dream, I could tell that I had been crying in my sleep. Because I was worried, I called Justin at work, and he told me that he had a dream too: He dreamed (the same night) that I shot him. He could tell that it was a small handgun that the police carry -- it was a silver .38. He then attended his own funeral, and his parents and I could see him, but no one else could.

What does this mean? And why do we both have dreams on the same night about him dying?

—Christy, age 22, engaged, female, Wisconsin

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