plane crash

My dream started in the DFW airport in Texas. I was boarding a flight with my family. My sister came on the plane with me, however, we did not sit together. I had a row to myself near the front of the plane while my sister was sitting back farther.

The plane took off and flew right over Texas Stadium, where the football team the Dallas Cowboys play. We were so close I could see thru the hole in the dome and see the line markers. After passing the stadium I could feel the plane having problems elevating. I ended up in the bathroom and the stewardesses were screaming at me to get out, but I couldn’t escape, and the plane ended up crashing. I emerged from the burnt wreckage in a large field with green fairway like grass, surrounded by trees. After speaking to the authorities I found out that I was the sole survivor of the crash.

The next thing in the dream I am driving down Baltimore Avenue in Ocean City, MD (the resort town where I have spent an average of two weekends every summer for the last 5 years). I sense it is early June, early in the resort season, and there are people scattered here and there on the beach but not packed by any means. I park my car and walk out onto the beach. It’s around 3:30 in the afternoon. As I walk on the beach I see a hot girl not far from me, smiling at me, standing next to a trash can with a blue and green tank top and shorts on. She’s holding a newspaper that she’s getting ready to throw in the trash. I walk over to her and begin talking to her. I tell her the story of the crash, and she believes I’m sincere. I ask to look through the paper and she gives it to me but it’s an Ocean City throw away and we put it into the garbage and walk towards the boardwalk to buy a big city paper to look for details of the crash. The end.

This is by far the most vivid and detailed dream I’ve ever had. I can still see it in its entirety 5 nights later. Please help!

—Andrew, Age 25, Single, Male, Texas, USA

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