golf with tiger woods

I had two dreams, in consecutive nights, that had to do with golf. The first dream, I was in a foursome with Tiger Woods, and we were in a Pro/Am tournament, near the lead, with only a few holes to play. Tiger takes several minutes to look at my putt. I can see the different angles of my putt. It is almost straight in, and only a few feet.

Then he tells me to make it. Once I line up to make the putt, instead of standing over a golf ball, I am standing over a huge ball (I can’t remember what kind of ball, but it was big) and there is a box on top of the ball. As I move the box off the ball, the ball moves, and we are penalized. Tiger gets mad, throws his putter, and walks off. So does the other twosome. I stand alone on the green, and miss the putt anyway.

The next dream, the next night, is me back at the country club I used to caddy at. I am waiting inside the club house, instead of by the first tee, where the members and caddies are matched. There is a big men’s tournament going on. Caddies usually make a lot of money in these, but since I have been a caddy here a long time, I figure I'll make money no matter what. Who needs to put up with high strung members in a tournament, when I can make almost the same money and just walk around?

When I do go to the first tee, I get put with these two old ladies. I always hated caddying for old ladies. It was boring, and they played really bad. Not only was I to caddy for these two ladies, but I had to train a new caddy. The new caddy is this clerk who works in the office I work in. I have never talked to him before, ever. I only know his name, Terell.

I refuse to caddy for the old ladies, and to train Terell. The next thing I know, I’m at the first tee with two young couples. One of the ladies hits first, and her ball goes directly sideways, almost into a creek. I go over to find her ball. The grass around the creak is soft and muddy, the creak is muddy and shallow. Her ball is in some kind of shallow hole, and her ball is wet and muddy.

While I’m by her ball, she hits another one, directly sideways, only this time, the opposite direction. At this point, I say to myself, “What am I doing caddying? I’m a commodities trader! I don't need $80 this bad!” I leave, and that’s the last I remember.

- Larry, Age 27, Male, Single, Chicago, IL, USA

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