my grandparent's house

I am in my grandparent’s house. (Both have been deceased for quite some time.) Sometimes I am alone; sometimes there are other family members there. The house is pretty dark, but I can still see where everything is.

I am overcome by this horrible fear that someone on the outside is trying to get in and get me. One time I was actually holding the front door while a shadowy figure was pushing on the other side to get in. I specifically remember being in each room of the house, but for some reason, I always try to hide in the living room. Whatever or whomever is trying to get me is never successful.

The strange thing is that my sister is having almost an identical recurring dream! That is what prompted me to write. We don’t understand why we are in our grandparent’s house, and why would we be so fearful. We loved them both tremendously, so why would their house be associated with such overwhelming fear?


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