Hi Gina -

When you looked this one up in your dream dictionary you probably looked under “roller-coaster” - but I think the proper keywords are “baby not strapped in” - words that bring a rush of panic to any mother driving in a car with her children. This type of dream - a “maternal instinct” dream, if you will - is common among young mothers, who have plenty to worry about - as responsibility for their children’s safety suddenly is thrust upon them.

A more symbolic interpretation of your dream might advise you that you are on an “emotional roller-coaster” with your husband and subconsciously feel that you are not prepared to have a child yet in your life (“I couldn’t believe I made such a stupid decision to take my baby on a ride”) - but I don’t believe such an interpretation is warranted. Why don’t you take a look at some of the dreams in the Parent’s Section of the website, and see if you don’t see some of your own concerns reflected in the other dreams posted there?

The fact that you declined to go on the second ride shows that the learning curve is solidly in place. Thanks for sharing your dream - and keep those kids buckled up tight!

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