a glass cell

Background: My husband and I have been having some marital difficulties regarding money. We've fought a lot over money. But we have come to an understanding about it recently, and hopefully those fights are in the past.

We have two children, a two-year-old and a four-week-old. I've been feeling the stress of motherhood and have felt that I've lost my identity. I'm just Mommy, not Beth.

In my dream I'm imprisoned in a glass cell. There are four other prisoners with me -- male and female, but I don't know them. I can't recall what they look like. There is nothing in our cell except us. I remember being worried that I will be very bored in here with nothing but these people to interact with.

The glass cell is in the middle of a very green field of well-maintained grass. It looks fresh and clean, but of course I can't smell it. The sky is very blue.

We are escorted to an elevator where we travel up to where, I suppose, we are going to eat. That is where my dream ends. 

— Beth, age 23, married, female, Baltimore, MD

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