severed ties

Background information: I just recently received information for contacting my first son, whom I gave up for adoption when I was 16 years old. I have been struggling with whether I should contact him or let it go and if I do contact him, how and what do I say?

My Dream: I have the son who I did raise with me. In the dream he is only about 3 or 4 years old (he's 27 today). He has some kind of metal things on his hands. I figure the only way to get the metal off his hands is to cut his hands off at the wrist.

So I use a pair of pruning shears -- big ones. It cuts them swiftly and cleanly. All I can see is the clean, not really bloody, stumps at the end of his arms where his hands were.

At first I believe what I'm telling him is the truth. Then it dawns on me that there really is no way that I can put his hands back on him.

I wake up then, and I'm horrified that I could do such an awful thing to my son, or anyone for that matter. I woke up crying. 

—Wynette, 48, married, female, Santa Rosa, CA

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