I was on a roller-coaster with my husband and was holding my 7 month old baby. As we were climbing the hill I panicked because the baby was just sitting between my legs and not strapped in. I picked him up and tried to hold him tightly in my arms but because I had the big shoulder harness on I could not grab him tightly. We kept climbing higher and higher and I could hear the clicking of the track. I do remember thinking, “Why on earth did I decide to take the baby on this ride?” I was aware that it had a steep hill and I couldn’t believe I had made such a stupid decision to take my baby on a ride. I don’t remember going down. But next thing I knew we were at another ride and I decided not to go on that one with the baby. I have tried to look this dream up in a dream book but had no luck. Can you please help me? 

--Gina, Age 27, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

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