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Please help me with this series of dreams.

1. I have been sent to prison for a traffic violation. The sentence is 25 years. It’s coed. I realize all the awful things you hear about prisons will happen. I feel completely alone and desperate.

2. I am playing with my 10 month old tossing her in the air. I then find myself in the hospital thinking I have had another bout of congestive heart failure. (I had this with the pregnancy with no permanent damage.) My husband corrects me and tells me I’ve had a heart attack. I ask for the baby. He won’t tell me but I know she is dead. I killed her accidentally during the attack.

3. I receive a phone call that my husband has been killed in a car accident. I can see his ghost. (Not ghost like) but no one else can. I have the same desperate feeling because I know he will be leaving permanently to go to Heaven, and I don’t know how I will take care of the baby and myself. He is perfectly calm and at peace and says Heaven is wonderful.

I’m feeling a little “off” after 3 of these dreams in a row. Please help! 

--Rosa, Age 32, Woodstock, GA, USA

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