tubes tied

I have two children. After the birth of my son I decided to have my tubes tied. I felt that this would be a good decision because I wanted to be able to give my kids individual attention and that, with any more than two, I would not be able to do that. My doctor tried to tell me that something could happen to my child, and would I want to then have another child, and I told him no because I could never replace my children. Birth control had failed me in the past (I felt really too young to have children although I am married). I do love my children and am glad I have them.

My dream is one that I have had at least twice. In the dream my daughter (my oldest child) dies and each time people around me have tried to console me, only for me to tell them that I can’t believe she died and now I can’t ever have another child. I think that I probably know what this dream means but I want a second opinion. Please help me as I feel so guilty that I have dreamt twice that my daughter dies. The first time she died in a car accident the second time I can’t remember how. 

--Chantal, Age 22, Douglasville, GA, USA

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