parent of a 15-year-old boy

As background, I am a single parent of a 15-year-old boy. Shortly after moving in with my current boyfriend (almost two years ago now), I dreamed that the three of us were walking around in the industrial area of our city, in and out of old warehouse-type buildings. We were up on the roof of one and decided to go through the building to get down to ground level. There was a stairwell that twisted all the way down. You could see the bottom from the top level. My boyfriend decided that he was going to jump each level instead of taking the stairs and proceeded to do so. My son thought this was wonderful and jumped as well.

Unfortunately, he missed the ledge and fell all the way to the bottom, landing on a pile of dried excess concrete. As he was falling, I was screaming. He was falling in such a manner that he looked like he was lying on his back and he was smiling at me as he fell. I awoke just as he landed. I was crying when I woke up and couldn't stop for almost an hour.

Even though it's been almost two years since I had the dream, it still frightens me and brings tears to my eyes. My son is the most important thing in my life and I cherish him more than words can ever express. I am a single parent of only one child.

I had another dream about my son at his current age of 15:

I am walking around the south end of my city (an affluent area) with my son. The next thing I know, we are inside of the Legislative Building (also in the south end of my city) and I am being chased throughout the halls by very large, dark horses. One has me cornered in a hallway and I am pounding on the door begging for my son to open the door and let me in. He says, "I'm changing!" (as in changing his clothes, I presume, because he's obviously at the age where he doesn't want his Mom to see him naked). I turn around to see this huge horse closing in on me and then I wake up.

I've actually got a few books on dream interpretation because I'm fascinated by the subject, and have read that dark horses are indicative of negativity. As a matter of fact, most of the dreams I've had (that I remember) seem to always be negative.

The predominant feeling I remember at the time (and currently) is my questioning whether or not it was a mistake for my son and me to move in with my boyfriend. I have made a point of not entering into relationships casually during my son's life ... not wanting "Uncle Joe's" or "Uncle Mike's" (or whatever) coming in and out of our lives. I wanted to provide a more stable life for my son. As you can see, I seem to be more concerned with my son's happiness than my own. I tend to be that way in all aspects of my life.

(I am the first to admit that I am an overprotective parent, and my son reminds me of that fact on a regular basis :-)) 

—Jacky, age 36, Saskatchewan, CANADA

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