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Q. If I dream of my crush, does that mean we’ll be together soon?

A. Dreaming of your crush means you are definitely interested in this person. (You’re thinking of him in your sleep!!) How did you feel in the dream? Were you shy, or did you feel comfortable and have fun? If you felt good in the dream, and your crush was nice to you—it’s time to make plans to do something after school. If you had a difficult time communicating in the dream, it may indicate problems ahead. If your crush was mean to you, it’s probably time to move on, and start looking for someone who will respect your heart.

Q. If I die in a dream, will I die in real life at the same time?

Definitely not! Dreams of death and dying are common, and almost always are symbols of change, growth, and transition. If you dream a friend dies, you may be noticing a change in your relationship with that person. Have you two lost touch? If you dream you die, it usually is a sign that you are growing and learning, and letting go of emotions from your past.

Q. Do people dream in black and white, or in color?

Believe it or not, both! Many people report dreaming in black and white or in limited color spectrums, but dreaming in color still is overwhelmingly the norm. This question first became popular in the 1950s and 60s, when black and white TVs were introduced. Talk about TVs affecting our minds!

Q. What does it mean when you fly in a dream?

Flying is one of the happiest dreams there is! We feel free and liberated, soaring above our problems. We feel on top of it all! Was it that “A” we got at school? Is it our new crush? Whatever it is, we hope it doesn’t stop!

Q. I try to throw a punch but I can't hit.  Or I try to run away and my legs feel like they're stuck in quicksand. What's up with that?

“Can’t hit” and “can’t run away” dreams are common. Usually we feel powerless against our opponent or whoever is chasing us. What’s the solution? It’s time to win this struggle with our heads, and not our fists or feet! We need a new strategy to meet this challenge!

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