healthy ponies

I was standing watching a pony in a paddock with no feed. I seemed to keep putting off moving it or feeding it hay. In my mind, though, I could visualise what I wanted for the pony - lush pasture, rolling green hills, a sparkling stream...

I stood watching it for a long time. Suddenly a girl I used to go to primary school with appeared. (She was my best friend back then but I haven’t seen her for about 10 years). She told me off angrily. Unfazed I replied, “Yeah, I’m going to do something about it...”

She snapped furiously, “It will Starve to death!” Then she disappeared.

I felt a bit cross and guilty. I let the pony into the next paddock (which wasn’t much better). I walked around finding it food. There was an old house (appeared abandoned) with a decrepit vegie garden outside. In it were some remnants of lettuces. I fed some leaves to the pony. It moved into the garden and ate some more. There wasn’t a complete fence around this paddock so later I had to put it back in the old paddock...

My overall feeling that I can recall was frustration or not knowing what to do, also a strange reluctance or inability to act. The pony meanwhile was not blaming me in any way but just getting on with its business (of trying to scratch up scraps of food). It didn’t necessarily even appear distressed. It was delighted with the lettuce scraps I fed it later in the dream and went actively seeking more itself.

After going over this dream many times I began to feel, first that the pony was a young female, and later that it represented my daughter. This horrified me as naturally I would not like to think I am neglecting my child in any way!!! However there are problems at the moment involving her schooling. She is very bright and far ahead of her class mates. My repeated attempts to get the school to provide an appropriate program for her have been fruitless. Therefore I certainly feel like I am standing helplessly watching her search for scraps in a barren paddock. I think it is a shove to provide “sustenence,” in the form of learning, myself.

The following night I asked for a dream to “explain” the pony dream and received a much simpler dream without symbols referring mainly to my daughter’s school and her work.

Well, those are my feelings...what do you think!? 

--Angie, Age 29, Warrnambool, AUSTRALIA

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