worm inside me

Last night I had the most interesting dream. It began with me sleeping at my current boyfriend’s parents’ house in Boston. He had his own bedroom. In the dream I remembered that I had to come back to New York. His parents and family suddenly came in to enjoy a huge meal with my boyfriend and I before I departed. I remember feeling like I was pressed for time. Suddenly, I looked to my wrist and there was a pimple. I popped it, and instead of the usual result, I pulled a worm out of my wrist. As the situation became really serious, I remember someone, a doctor or somebody, pulled a significantly larger worm out of my wrist. It was as if I had only pulled a small part out in the beginning and this was the same worm. The doctor (or whoever he was) began to act scared and concerned. Then I remember him pulling a large worm out of my mouth. This worm had teeth, and while he was removing it, it bit a piece of my lung, and part of my lung was removed with the worm.

The doctor (whoever) was around my age 23. And he told me that I lost a Quarter of one of my lungs. Then all of the worms were put into a bag. And I remember people talking about the bag. They said it weighed 35 lbs.

Then I was on my way. They gave me that bag to take back to a doctor in New York for research. I was afraid that the worms would escape. So, for some reason there were multiple layer of bags to ensure that they would not escape. By the time that I got to New York the bag weighed around 5lbs. Then I woke up.

A little information on the current situation:

I am a 23 year old gay male, and I just recently revived an old relationship with an ex. We have been going out for about a month now. Things are going OK, but it’s not too intense. He lived in New York until recently, when he was forced to move back to Boston because of a lack of an apartment. Now he wants to move back to New York, although he doesn’t have an apt, and he wants to stay with me. I don’t feel close enough to him to have him move in with me. Also, for the most part I don’t really think that I am with the right person. I have a very strong crush on someone else, and he may suspect it. The crush I have on this person is very instinctive and it blows the current boyfriend out of the water.

Could you please give me some insight on this?

--Travis, Age 23, New York, NY, USA


Based on this dream, the worm under the skin symbolizes the dreamer's feeling...

A. of being small and insignificant
B. running late ("the early bird gets the worm")
C. that a "creepy" person has gotten under her skin

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