Hi Dana—

Thanks for writing in with such a great question.

You are absolutely right. We often hear of dreamers struggling to move in dreams—being unable to throw a punch, say, or only being able to run in slow motion. So what does it mean when just the opposite occurs? When, like in your dreams, you are able to run tirelessly for long distances, whisk through obstacle courses, and even sprint to the head of a racing pack?

If dreams of being unable to move typically symbolize feelings of powerlessness, then do dreams of being a super-athlete reflect feelings of confidence and ability? The answer, not surprisingly, is yes. Like dreams of flying unfettered, your dreams of running are accompanied by pleasant emotions, as you enjoy your seemingly boundless energy and ability.

If you’ve been “put to the test” recently, either at school, at work, or in your emotional life, your dreams suggest you are successfully meeting these challenges, and giving yourself good grades (votes of confidence and self-esteem) along the way. The “obstacle course,” for example, might represent a challenging relationship you recently had to navigate. Similarly, “sprinting to the finish line” might represent a deadline for work that you had to toil all weekend to achieve—and you did. If you are a student, running on a track may represent the years of coursework you need to complete to receive your degree.

A great wisdom of dream interpretation is that feelings in dreams never are disguised. In your dreams you feel an abundance of strength and confidence. The dreams are pleasant and

It’s great to be on top of your game, isn’t it? Keep up the good work! exhilarating. You achieve your goals easily.

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