I often am running in my dreams and I wonder what the significance of this is.

When I say running, I don’t mean running away from somebody or something - but running, as a “sport.” I’ve dreamt about running through obstacle courses in a competition as well as just running around a track. Several times it’s just been a means of transportation around town - running to the store, to work, to go eat, etc.

I’m not a runner by nature. I mean, when I exercise, I don’t run. In fact, I really prefer walking or aerobics and would chose those any day over running. I have noticed that, in these dreams, I am amazed that I am actually able to run for such long distances and periods of time without struggling physically. When I’ve dreamt about running in competitions, I almost always win. I’ve even come from behind and sprinted to the finish.

I’ve heard of many people who dream about running away from things or people in their dreams as a symbolism of things they’re running away from in their own life, but never running as a “sport” so-to-speak. How does this type of running dream compare?

—Dana, Age 24, Single, Female, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

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