sex with a rock star!

Hi Deborah—

New cars, rock stars, and romance! We know you’re enjoying your nightlife, but why—you want to know—have these high-flying celebrities come to visit in your dreams? Are the dreams a sign that you are about to become romantically involved with a famous person? Or is there another, more symbolic meaning to your dreams?

The true star of celebrity dreams actually is ourselves—rather than the celebs we dream about. The reason why is because celebs, in dreams and in waking life, enjoy a high social status. Accordingly, if a superstar accepts us as a friend in a dream, or is romantically interested in us, it means that we are feeling good about ourselves. We believe that a celebrity would find us romantically attractive, and would want to spend time with us. Paradoxically, both of your celebrity dreams are strong votes of confidence in yourself.

Because you have been working with a therapist recently, you have learned that we perform compulsive behaviors (sex, drugs, relationships) because we want to escape difficult feelings and emotions in our lives. Your dreams show, however, that learning to finally address these difficult feelings (rather then hide from them) actually has come as a relief. Because of your intensive therapy, you are beginning to feel better about yourself. Your dreams of being attractive to superstars are proof!

The symbolism of the luxurious new car is yet another sign of “the new you.” Cars in dreams symbolize the self, and the “direction we are headed” in our lives. Because your car is a is a luxury car (high status), and because it is new (the new you), we know that you are feeling “back behind the steering wheel” of your life. Your therapy has given you a renewed sense of self, and increased your ability to achieve your goals.

What’s the meaning? It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back, for all the hard work you recently have performed. Your self-esteem is rising, and the future is an open highway. Congratulations on your deserved success!

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