sex with a rock star!

I’ve had two dreams recently that have left me puzzled. In the first I was in bed having light sex with one of my favorite singers. In the second I met my all-time favorite recording artist and we started talking as if we had known each other for years. In the dream we got into my new luxury car (I don’t own a luxury car in real life) and he drove me all around town to his favorite spots. We laughed and talked, listened to music, and then he brought me back. He got out, gave me a hug and kiss, and then I drove off.

I would like to know what these dreams are trying to tell me. I’m 43 years old, have never married, have always worked 2 jobs, and recently went through therapy for relationship addiction. All my life I have been in and out of bad relationships with men.

I am currently continuing therapy on my own, because my counselor told me that I’ve come a long way in a short time (3 months). I’m a book-worm for self-help books on addictions, relationships, and boundaries. I also have a good male friend at my second job. We get along well and he shows me affection in little ways that I have never gotten before—without me giving something first (sex, dinners, money, etc.). I would like to someday get married, but I don’t dwell on it as much as I used to. Now I’m just working on myself and finding ways to strengthen my faith. I also just started a new temp-to-perm job, as I was recently laid off from my last day job.

—Deborah, Age 43, Single, USA

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