my grandparent's house

I frequently dream of tornados. The dreams are always the same. The dream always starts with me looking out the window of my mother or grandparent’s house which are located next door to each other, and I see the tornado coming toward us. The dream always includes my immediate family. Usually that is all my dream consists of.

The dreams are very emotional and they continue to bother me throughout the day. I wake up feeling scared,empty,and very sad. The last dream I had about the tornado however, consisted of more than me looking out the window. After the tornado passed, I became very scared and rushed next door to check on my family. (I was at my grandfather’s house during this dream.) There I found my mother,and two younger sisters in the backyard asleep in a blue car. My mother was fine, but my sisters had big pieces of broken glass all over their faces. I removed the glass from their face and took them back to my grandfather’s house because another tornado was coming.

My grandmother passed away 3 years ago, about the same time we found out my father was having an affair which led to my parent’s divorce. I was very close to my grandma and dad. I would greatly appreciate it if you could please help me.

--Kristie, Age 20, Married, Sallisaw, OK, USA



Tornadoes in dreams symbolize...

A. Fears of separation from the family
B. A damaging tornado or storm is in our future
C. A person with a terrible temper

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