always on the road

Hi Susan -

Cars in dreams - in which we are driving or riding as a passenger - almost always are metaphors for ourselves. Thus I would suspect that your dreams actually correlate rather neatly with whatever situations are occurring in your life at the time of the dream. For example, dreaming of driving in a storm, in which it is difficult to see and the path is fraught with danger, most likely is a metaphor for a period of uncertainty in your life in which the future is difficult to see - and you are feeling unsure about your ability to arrive at your hoped-for destination. Similarly, driving on ice most likely is a metaphor for those times in your life when you feel less in control of events than normal. Driving on narrow streets suggests a “struggle to get by.”

I’m glad that you also brought up the observation about new and older cars, and of different types of vehicles and of their running condition. If you find yourself riding in a new car, look around in your life for whatever new relationship or activity you have begun that your mind is associating with the new car. If the car is an older car that you used to own in your past, try to understand what has happened recently that has caused you to associate the present with your past. You may be repeating an old sequence or cycle of events that makes you feel stuck in the past. If you find yourself driving in the old family car that you were familiar with as a kid growing up, look for feelings concerning family dynamics. If you’re driving in a truck, be open to the possibility that you may be “carrying a heavy load” at the time.

The running condition of our cars is also important. If your car is broken down and won’t run - watch for signs of depression in your life - you feel stuck in a rut. If the car is damaged, you may be feeling hurt or an emotional loss in your life. If you’re driving along and suddenly find the brakes don’t work - beware of aspects of your life that may be out of control - bad relationships, drug or alcohol abuse, any of the addictions - which include eating disorders and sexual acting out. Finally, it is always worth while to take note of who’s driving the car - you or someone else? If it’s someone else, be aware that you are being guided by someone else’s direction and not your own.

I hope in your next dream you are driving a new convertible on a perfect spring day, with the wind blowing gently on your face. This will be a harbinger of strength, flexibility, and new beginnings!

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