car out of control

THE CORRECT ANSWER IS... C.  A loss of control in one's life

Dear All Burned Up:

Dreams frequently use cars to symbolize the status of our lives. Whether the car is new, used, clean, dirty, dented, being repaired, being painted, stolen, borrowed, all has significance in relation to the dreamer.

When we lose control in our personal lives, this feeling is often reflected in dreams in which we lose control over vehicles. We may be driving a car and suddenly find that the brakes or the steering wheel don't work. Usually an “out of control” dream will contain a clue to its source. For example, if we feel out of control with regard to a family situation we may find that, in the dream, instead of driving the vehicle we currently own, we are driving an old family car or a car that reminds us of our family. If we feel out of control with regard to drugs and alcohol there likely will be drugs and alcohol implicated in the dream, for example, beer cans in the back seat, or trying to avoid the police. If we feel out of control with regard to particular relationships in our lives we may find in the dream that another person was driving our car, and that we felt frightened or uncomfortable.

The fact that your dream bothers you indicates its significance. I recommend you reflect upon the dream and see if you can't figure out what memories, feelings, or relationships it makes you think of. If a drug or alcohol problem is indicated, stop or seek help. If it's an unhealthy relationship, think about getting out of it. If it's unsafe sex, recognize what your body is telling you and practice safe sex. Once you re-claim control of the situation, you won't have these types of dreams anymore. Good luck!

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