in a fog

Background information: I've been going to this little church in my town that is full of old people. The church isn't really growing at all and the youth that were there are pretty much gone. I used to help out with the youth but now it's kind of depressing, since only one of them comes to church anymore.

In my dream, I was driving my car and my fiancé was in the passenger seat. While I was driving, it got really foggy and I couldn't see where I was going. I pressed down on the gas pedal and went faster, hoping I could get out of the fog as soon as possible, but then I ended up hitting something.

After the car stopped, we got out and the fog cleared. I saw that I somehow had ended up in front of my church, and that I had run over one of the elderly ladies from the church and killed her.

Usually my dreams don't reflect real life, but this one was different. Can you tell me if this dream has any meaning?

-Carina, Age 22, Engaged, USA

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