stuck in reverse

Background information: I'm married to husband number three. It's not an emotionally fulfilling relationship. It feels like it is more out of convenience.

I had a strange dream about my second husband. We were trying to get back together. He told me I had gained weight, which is true. He was wearing a pair of leather pants. I have never seen him in a pair of leather pants in my life. The kissing was the best.

The dream also had me going somewhere with a lady I didn't know. We were backing out of my ex's driveway over a rickety bridge made out of railroad ties. I was afraid of falling through the bridge just walking on it. In my dream I told the lady that my ex and I need to build a new bridge. When we backed up, we drove off the bridge but landed on the grass underneath. We were not hurt and neither was the car.

I also remember cleaning dishes that were all over my ex's house. We were going to have a sexual night, but that never happened in my dream. I can't remember most of what we said to each other. I mostly remember us kissing and that I felt he was still the best kisser.

I woke up feeling sad.

P.S. This husband cheated on me during our marriage.

--Anita, Age 42, Married, USA


Falling in dreams in a metaphor for...

A. Uncertainty about the future
B. Falling in love
C. An impending accident

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