different bridges

Dear Many Rivers to Cross--

You are correct in suspecting that Bridge Dreams are fairly common metaphors that our unconscious uses to represent transition periods in our lives. I would be interested to know what events in your life corresponded to each of the different types of bridges. For example, was the “sci-fi” dream, with its impossibly high apex and absence of railings and suspension, related to your job or career, while more mundane bridges (asphalt in suburbia) related to more practical matters in your life? Have you become able, upon having a “bridge” dream, to recognize what aspect of your life the dream refers to, and accordingly been able to take comfort in foreseeing your successful transition of this life challenge? (For reference, see Precognitive Dreams in the SuperNatural Section).

I also am very interested by the presence of a “guide” in your dreams. Many people feel dreams give them guidance in their lives, but actually meeting guides in dreams, or meeting a specific, re-curring guide, is less commmon. I would be interested in hearing from other readers about “guides” in dreams. Congratulations on crossing so many rivers!

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