amputate child's feet

I am with my son who is 3 years old but in my dream he can speak articulately. We are threatened by some outside force and we decide that since they are in danger anyway we should cut off his feet. I take a carving knife and cut through his ankle joints as I would a roasting chicken and amputate his feet. When I am done and about to bandage the wound he runs away from me crying and others around us express disgust that I would do such a thing and I feel terribly guilty. But I notice that as he runs on the stumps of his legs across a white rug or carpet that the wounds are not bleeding. At this point I awaken with a horrible guilt and horror, sickened by the image of myself mutilating my beautiful son whom I adore. I am naturally troubled by this dream and would appreciate some help in understanding these images.

--Phil and Marggi, Age 40

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