bad haircut

I am a recently turned 28 yo woman. Some background info on present life; hate my job, but pays good; under contract negotiations and may end up striking; taking a trip by myself soon to Scotland and Ireland; presently no relationship.

I have very long hair and last night I dreamt I went to a beauty shop. As an observer, I saw a woman accidently get her hair buzzed off by an inexperienced stylist; she ran out yelling. As a participant, I didn't see this happen. I sat down next, told her just to trim the ends. I couldn't see the mirror. When she was finished, my hair was cut above my shoulders.

I was so angry and upset. I woke myself up screaming and crying (I do talk in my sleep). Fell back to sleep and continued the dream, making threats of legal action and just yelling and crying. Woke up again, for a couple minutes and fell back to sleep.

--Jennifer, Age 28, Tampa, FL, USA

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