men coming and going

This is the first dream that I have had about men in a long time, and involvement with men has been absent from my life for several years. I feel this dream is very important.

My dream begins with me being in a place that resembles a campus. I am laying down by a muddy pond that is filled with birds of many species, sizes and shapes. All of the birds are very small. Some of the birds will come on my fingers and allow me to pet them.

After a time a young man appears. He tells me he is 15 years old, although he looks to be around 30. We talk for a while when suddenly he is holding a big box. He opens the box and inside there are many smaller boxes, which look very much like ring boxes. He starts looking through them.

All of a sudden he announces that some important person is about to speak. The two us of walk upon a paved pathway that goes up and around in a spiral until we are seated upon a high ledge waiting for the speaker. We are seated with our legs dangling over the ledge. All of a sudden the young mans lets himself drop off of the ledge. There are no screams, in fact, no sound at all.

Next, I find myself in a big crowd of men of all ages. I see no other women. I am the only woman there. Several of the men grab me, either by the hand or by the arm, and start talking as if we were good and old friends, although we are total strangers to each other. All of a sudden the original young man reappears completly unharmed from having dropped off of the ledge. He says to me, "I am 15 and you are 40." "I am older than that," I reply. He disappears not to be seen again.

Then I am back at the pond again where the dream began and I start walking with a man along the same spiral path to hear the speaker. Suddenly I become aware that I am dressed in nothing but a bathing suit and a pair a heavy leather boots as one would wear in snowy, winter weather. Then I am in the crowd of men once more. The dream keeps repeating itself, going around and around as if looking for an ending, and not being able to find one for itself. Finally I wake up.

In real life I am a 51 year old women who has never been married. Although I feel much younger than my actual age I have always been rather uncomfortable being involved romantically with younger men. My relationships with men have been disappointing. Many is the time I have thought a relationship really was going somewhere, only to see it drop away and leave me hanging. After several years of not trying at all, I am now starting to feel somewhat ready to try again. But this makes me rather nervous. I have mixed emotions about men.

I know that birds are a symbol of freedom in dreams. Does the size of the birds (they were small) have a significance?

Emily, Age 51, Single, USA

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