boyfriend to the rescue

I was in this large building with lots of large windows along the back wall and a partially vaulted ceiling. In the building with me was Chris (my boyfriend) and a bunch of other people - most of whom I seemed to know but did not recognize as people I know now. And we were all wearing jeans and t-shirts and the usual skater/slacker garb. And outside the window, in a beautiful garden with flower beds and lots of green grass, there were all these beautiful people dressed in long flowing dresses and nice suits. But inside we didn't care and we were having a great time. Then a group of people, in my mind friends, closed in around me and elected me to do something. The next thing I knew, I was walking out the front door and I was wearing a beautiful, long, flowing, yellow dress. And yet I was scared and I felt very alone but I walked around the building (which now seemed bigger and was painted white) and I went through a white picket fence into the garden. The people were very beautiful and happy but I still felt very alone. So I went to the window of the building and looked in. I saw Chris and my group looking back at me. And then I saw my reflection in the window and I looked so incredibly sad. I put my hand up against the window where Chris was and he gave me a sorrowful look and then turned away, dissappearing into the crowd. So I went and sat on a bench in the garden, feeling very lonely. But then Chris came walking around the side of the house wearing a suit and tie (which in real life he hardly ever does). I ran to him, threw my arms around him, and kissed him. We walked through the garden together and then went through a row of bushes and kept going. We started running through a field and as he ran he started taking off his suit and underneath were his jeans and t-shirt (which I now remember was yellow but a brighter yellow than my dress). I still was wearing my dress though. And it was suddenly night and the sky was filled with thousands of stars. And he put his arms around me and we looked up at the stars for a long time. And there was a blanket there in the middle of the field and we laid down and went to sleep side by side. The end.

It was a pretty vivid dream-so vivid that it makes me think it might mean something. Thank you so much for your help.


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