failure to graduate

I have had this recurring dream for the last 5 or 6 years. The last time I had it was two weeks ago. I graduated from university in 1995.

I always dream I am visiting my hometown, Augusta, Ga., which is where my mom and her family lives. (It is where I lived until I turned 18 years old and left for college.) In the dream, I live in NYC and work, but I end up going to my high school because for some strange reason I need to take another class or still need credits to get my diploma. I’m either in a classroom or I’m in the school office trying to get the counselor to tell me what classes I need to take and how many credits I’m in need of.

The last dream involved me desperately trying to get the course catalog so I could choose the right courses to get my diploma. I am also usually in a rush—because as I mentioned in my dream—I’m on a brief visit home and I have a job to get back to in NYC.

This dream disturbs me. In real life, I have been looking for a new, more fulfilling, career. The sports magazine I worked with for 3 years closed its NYC office this summer. I was sort of glad that I was forced to find a more fulfilling gig. But I haven’t found it yet.

I also often dream of my mother being mean to me. We have a good relationship now. But as a child she was really fussy. We talk about once a month.

—Cheryl, Age 28, Single, NYC, USA


Back to school dreams symbolize...

A. Guilt about not having done better in school
B. Current waking life challenges
C. A yearning for the good old days, regardless of how difficult they were

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