missed exam

I’ve been having this same dream for several years, at least once a week. In the dream, I panic all of a sudden when I realize that it’s the end of a semester, and I’ve missed all but one of the classes in an important math course. It’s always math, which was my worst subject. Don’t get me wrong -- I’ve always passed math classes with varying degrees of difficulty. It’s just that I’ve never found it easy to concentrate on numbers. One odd thing about the dream is that the class I’m missing takes place in a mall. I hate the mall. The dream itself is always the same. I go nuts trying to think of a way to pass the class, and I wake up feeling anxious and upset.

Some background info: I’m 26, female, happily married, graduated from college, no kids. Thanks!

--Dana, Age 26, Metuchen, N.J., USA

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