forbidden sex

Hi Raabia -

It's a little frustrating sometimes, isn't it? Just when a dream is getting to the good part.....suddenly it changes direction, and now you're with one of your girlfriends, and he's with some other girl!

You are looking forward to romance in your life, Raabia, as you should be. And your dreams clearly are based upon the Mills and Boons romance novels you are reading. I think it is interesting that you flirt with this man, but a good deal of mystery is left unspoken - or un-acted out - in your dream. In reality you have not had sex with anyone - which is why I think your dream stops short of showing you two together. In fact, the ending of your dream appears to be an intrusion of reality into your fantasy. In reality you most likely spend time with your girlfriends, while this other guy - this "dream man" - in your mind, at least, he's always with some other girl.

The Dream Doctor thinks it's healthy to have a vivid imagination - but I hope that, once you turn 18 and begin exercising those newly won rights of citizenship, you don't fall for the very first "Mills and Boons" type that you see! Those types often look better from a distance! When it comes time to share your heart with someone - take your time and choose carefully. The right man will make the mystery of love even more powerful for you.

Only one more month of flinching Mills and Boons left!

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