hair color like his

Hi Janele -

If I asked you to quit thinking about your dream for a moment, and then I asked what the colors "bright yellow-orange" make you think of, what would you say?

The sun? Leaves in autumn? The color of fire?

If your answer is "fire" then I think we may have solved your dream! Are you "carrying a torch" for your "flame"? Do you have the "hots" for your sweetheart? Do you "light up" whenever he's around? Is your heart "burning"?

If so, I think your dream is a good sign - because it's clear he's hot for you too! I think you two need to put your heads together, and stoke up the fires!

Why don't you figure out a way to say "Hi" and introduce yourself to this guy? His hair might not catch on fire, but his heart might!

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