i'm dead in a coffin

Hi Wondora -

It's a little creepy to see yourself lying dead in a casket in a church, isn't it? Even if it is just a dream? It's like having your very own personal horror movie - except you don't need to go to the movies to watch it!

Do you notice the difference though, between this dream and a horror film? I can tell that you weren't really scared during the dream - even though, if it happened in real life, you would be. The reason why is because your death in the dream really symbolizes something else.

You write that you and your aunt shared a special relationship. She raised you (like a mother), but now, unfortunately, she has passed away. When she died though, something else also passed away - the special relationship that you two shared together. The coffins in the church symbolize the passing of this relationship. The closeness you shared explains why you saw yourself lying next to her.

What's the message of this dream? Death in dreams nearly always means change. And, like you said, there have been some big changes in your life lately. You're now living with your father, and I'm sure you still miss your aunt very much. Something to remember about people who pass on. If you keep their memory close in your heart, they'll stay with you your entire life.

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