lack of communication!

I once had a dream that I was at school and I saw my crush. I said "Hi" but he didn't say anything.

I went back and tried to say "Hi" again, but some kind of invisible wall was holding me back.

What does it mean?

- Anonymous, Age 13, Female, USA

Hi Anonymous -

Ever feel like you're having a hard time "getting through" to someone? First you say "Hi" to your crush and he doesn't even answer you, and then when you try to go back and say it again... some sort of invisible wall pops up.

Dreams are strange, aren't they? But this one actually is pretty easy to understand. You're having a hard time communicating with your crush.

Maybe you've been so busy at school lately that you feel like it's been hard to get his attention. (That's why he didn't answer you). Maybe you haven't been able to see him as much as you want (the invisible wall).

What's the solution? Wait 'til you wake up tomorrow, and then go talk to him in person. Tell him you've been dreaming about him, and that you want to get together and do something soon.

(Think that will get his attention? We do!)

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